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Accounting and Audit Services | Aboulsoud CPA
Where customers need accurate financial reports and tools to assist in the decision making process, our office provides audit services of all kinds and accounting for clients where we have the skills and scientific and practical expertise necessary to meet these needs through a trained professional team

Internal Audit

As companies have grown in size and complexity, the internal audit function has grown at an even faster pace. The scope of work has changed from compliance in the traditional sense to one that is consulting in nature.
We have successfully conducted many internal audit assignments to large public shareholding and limited liability companies. In these assignments, we have exceeded our client’s expectations in achieving their goals in terms of:
Promoting accuracy and reliability in accounting and operating data;
Safeguarding the company’s resources against waste, fraud, and inefficiencies;
Measuring the extent of the operating departments’ compliance with established procedures and laws;
Evaluating the overall efficiency of the operating functions.
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External Audit

Our audit approach is developed to enable us to plan and perform audit engagements that will provide an appropriate basis for the expression of an opinion on an entity’s financial statements taken as a whole.
In addition to the above, it enables us to:
Identify and appropriately address risk relevant to the audit engagement and the financial statements as a whole;
Perform an effective and efficient audit;
Determine our clients’ needs, expectations and professional service requirements and prepare and execute an appropriate client service plan;
Provide our clients with meaningful business advice and insights on the condition of their business wherever possible
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Our team prepares various documentary courses that suit the different activities of the customers and the establishment of the accounting book collection, which provides the customer with the necessary information to make sound economic decisions. Our employees maintain accounting transactions by following the accounting course that provides the necessary information for financial reports prepared in accordance with accepted accounting standards Widely suited to the company's activity.
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